Dynamic Sketching 2 with Peter Han, Full Project

As the previous term, Dynamic Sketching is about flexibility and learning from your mistakes. All drawings are done using pen and paper. No pencil and eraser allowed. For every week we had to draw on site both organic and mechanical subjects.

Trough out the term we had to create a concept inspired by each week’s theme. The concepts had to follow a universe or story line which each student developed in the begging of the term.

Brief /Story

During the 19th Century science was moving forward with radical changes. Doctors and surgeons discovered cures and public health measures were developed due to the rapid growth in cities. Studies were conducted on human remains supplied from various sources.

These sources where paid a hefty price especially if the supply is fresh. Doctors craved the power of knowledge, they never cared about the source. A group of poor teenagers ventured into the infamous grave digging job, scavenging bodies the best way they can. The demand grew bigger, sources ran dry and prices skyrocketed. This led the group to resort on killing the sick and homeless.

Dead bodies started piling up until the unexpected happened. The dead kicked back. During one of their scavenging night a dead body attacked the guys. They managed to kill the undead but left many casualties. Lost and shocked the guys flee the scene. There was no way they could speak about this. The business could get compromised. The best option was to arm themselves and fight back.

Still unexplained, similar cases piled up. The group needed help. They decided to start a secret society of hunters. A place where they could train and learn more about this threat while keeping the business running.